Finally, after a long day hiking through the wilderness I can see my campground up ahead. There’s a creek running through the centre of a grassy clearing amongst the trees. The campground is empty except for a single tent pitched over to the side of the area. I decide for a little privacy and head to the other side of the campground to set up my tent.

As I’m walking along the creek Im startled to see a handsome middle aged man standing in the shallows, naked. The golden light from the afternoon sun lights up his tanned body leaving him glowing before me. My eyes follow the tangle of hair on his chest down to his belly and then further to a full bush surrounding his soft daddy cock. I can feel my own beginning to thicken.

With my eyes glued to this gorgeous man and blood rushing from my head to my groin, I almost trip over a rock on the path, but manage to catch my fall before hitting the ground.

The man looks up after hearing the commotion and sees me for the first time. He doesn’t look impressed but does nothing to cover his naked body.

I awkwardly smile and wave before quickly turning my head and rushing off in the other direction. “Smooth” I think to myself sarcastically.

As I begin setting up my tent I can’t help but replay the awkward moment in my head time and time again. “He probably thinks I’m some pervy weirdo.” “Well he did just catch me looking at his cock, but who wouldn’t have”, I find myself debating in my head.

After setting up my camp and cooking up some dinner I find myself relaxing by my tent and I notice the handsome man making his way across the campground towards me. “Play it cool” I think to myself, “He probably just wants to say hello”. I try to convince myself that he isn’t going to have a go at me for perving on him earlier.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked.

I’m great thanks, yourself? I reply.

“Sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought I had this place all to myself. I’m James.” The gorgeous man said as he extended his hand to shake mine.

“No big deal” I reply trying to make out like it was nothing.

“No big deal?” James looked down towards his crotch. “I thought it was at least above average” he looked back up with a smirk.

A little taken aback I fell silent, trying to think of something flirty to respond with. I’m just not that smooth when it comes to talking to guys.

Before I could think of something to fill the silence James changed the subject. We spoke for a few minutes about where we had been hiking the past few days before he asked if I had packed a warm sleeping bag.

“It’s going to get cold tonight, a storm is on its way” he let me know.

Stupidly I hadn’t checked the weather before setting out on my hike and I had only packed a light sleeping bag.

“I think I have enough gear to survive the night” I say, and James let me know that if I get cold that he will be able to sort me out.

James came across as a very masculine outdoorsy type of guy. Regardless of his flirtatious comment earlier, I figured he was straight when he told me about his two sons. He had wished they could have joined him on the trip but they were both busy with work.

After a bit more small talk James eventually excused himself and headed back to his tent.

The sun had already set and I began getting ready for bed. Just as I was snuggling into my sleeping bag I could hear the wind picking up and felt the temperature beginning to drop. James was right, seems we were in for a storm tonight and I began to get a little worried that I wouldn’t be warm enough.

After a sleepless hour or so of shivering, tossing and turning, I decide to take James up on his offer. I figured he must have a spare sleeping bag or some thermals I could borrow. So I make my way to his tent, slowly unzipping it and waking him from his slumber.

“Excuse me James, sorry to wake you but I was hoping I could borrow that sleeping bag you mentioned” I say.

James chuckled a little and replied “sorry son, I never said I had a spare sleeping bag”

“I thought you said you could help me out if I got too cold?” I replied with a frown.

“Sure I can. You can share mine” and with that James through open his sleeping bag to reveal that sexy naked body again.

Was this really happening I found myself thinking? This handsome daddy wants me to share his sleeping bag to keep me warm?

Blood rushed to my cock tucked away in my thermals as I began to climb into bed next to James. He placed his hand on my chest to stop me as he spoke, “it will be much easier for me to keep you warm without clothes on, that way we can share body heat”.

I could feel his eyes watching me as I removed my thermal top and I hesitated a little as I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of the bottoms. I could feel my hard cock straining against them. I looked deep into his eyes as I pulled my pants down setting my hardon free.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw his cock twitch for the first time and I think he liked what he saw.

I climbed into bed next to him and lay on my side. James snuggled into my back spooning me tightly. His hair on his chest and belly were tickling my back as he pressed himself against me.

“You’re freezing” James said, “let me warm you up”. And he began to rub his strong hands over my body. I could tell he was enjoying himself because I could feel a wet patch at the top of my arse crack where his hard cock was leaking precum onto me.

Fuck I was in heaven in this man’s arms. All I could think of was his hard cock sliding inside me.

I began grinding my arse back into his cock letting him know how hungry I was.

After exploring my body and lightly stroking my cock James ran his hand up my tosro to my mouth. Two of his fingers entered and I began to suck on them getting them nice and wet. He was sliding his fingers in and out of my mouth before taking his hand down to my hole.

James massages his first finger deep inside me and my full body shivers. I let out a moan as he leans close to whisper in my ear “ you like that don’t you boy” and then begins to kiss and nibble on the back of my neck.

The handsome daddy massages a second finger inside me as I work my hips, fucking myself on him. My hole is wet with my own saliva as I’m riding his fingers. I start to really thrust forward and back taking both fingers from the very tips all the way to the knuckle.

As I slide forward getting ready to thrust back down his fingers James added a third. I thrust down and the surprise of the extra girth makes me yelp. James chuckles in my ear and pushes even deeper inside me.

My wet hole is being massaged inside and out but it’s hungry for more.

“Fuck me daddy. Fill me with cock and cum” I say.

And with that he withdrew his fingers from my moist hole. Then I could feel something much bigger pushing at my rosebud.

James lined his thick cock up with my dripping hole and began to drive it inside. It’s so thick that I let out a whimper and instinctively try to move forward, but with one hand he pulls me back onto his cock, while the other covers my mouth.

I can feel his large knob pushing past my sphincter, stretching me with every inch as he drives forward.

Eventually I can feel his pubes pressed against me and I know his entire cock is burried deep. “You like daddies cock boy?” He asks as he slowly begins to slide in and out.

A muffled “mmm hmm” is all I can get out with his hand still covering my mouth.

The storm is raging outside, with wind and rain smashing at the outside of the tent. But the hot and sweaty man on man action rages on inside.

Sweat drips from the roof of the tent as James repeatedly slams his cock into me. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoes into the night.

He removed his hand from my mouth as I moan louder and louder for him to pound me. “Pound me daddy! Pound that hole!”

James grabs a handful of my hair to get a good grip and starts pulling me backwards at the same time as he drives forward. He is going to town on my raw hole and I’m in heaven.

My body begins to tense up, and I shout “I’m going to cummm, fuuuuuucckkkk!!!”. James somehow slams even harder. I’m not even touching my cock as an explosion blasts threw my body as rope after rope of cum erupts into the sleeping bag.

My arse muscles are spasming, and my hole is gripping James’ fat cock tightly. This pushes him over the edge and with a few more deep thrusts he’s screaming “HERE IT CUMS BOY!” as his seed shoots deep inside me.

We lay a sweaty mess, still spooning in the tent. As we catch our breath James covers us with his sleeping bag and kisses the back of my neck. I begin to slowly drift off to sleep with his cock still deep inside me, slowly going soft.

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