One of the greatest incentives in working out at the gym is the opportunity to admire your fellow soldiers built bodies. Most aren’t shy about stripping down to showcase their hard work. Once in a while, a real horny stud will get a hardon if he notices your admiring glances. If you have some candid gym photos or yourself or gym mates, send them along!


Captain Sexsmith was never shy about letting other soldiers know his bisexual tendencies. He loved showing off his muscular, built body to anyone, especially other military guys. He was known for stripping completely naked before anyone came into a room, surprising fellow soldiers with his massive hardon in his hand and a wide grin on his face. Most cast him off as fucking around and didn’t think anything of it. But the Captain knew I wasn’t one of those soldiers. He knew I couldn’t stop staring at his body. He knew my cock twitched and pressed against my BDUs when I saw him.

The Captain made his move on me when the unit was staying in a hotel while in transit to the sandbox. He asked me to bring him a list of where all the soldiers in the unit were staying once all the rooms were assigned. As ordered, I knocked on his hotel room door, which was intentionally left ajar by the deadbolt, with the room assignments in hand. I heard the Captain’s deep voice invite me inside the room.

Once I entered the room, I dropped the paper I was holding (and apparently my jaw), and fixed my eyes on the Captain. He was lying on his hotel bed, completely naked, except for his wristwatch. His large hand gripped his hardened cock, holding it on display, with his huge balls hanging below, heavy with the weight of several days buildup of cum. When my eyes traveled up his chiseled body and met his eyes, the Captain brandished his bright white teeth in a mischievous grin.

The Captain, fully amused at my entranced state, refocused my eyes; He repeatedly slapped his meaty dick into the open palm of his right hand. I thought his cock couldn’t get any bigger, but it grew even more as he slapped it in his palm. My own cock didn’t allow me to retreat, instead my dick gave away my position. The Captain smirked as he noticed my hardon growing inside my BDUs, displaying my swollen cockhead thru the growing precum stain on my right pant leg.

The Captain took command and ordered me closer. “I want to watch you kiss my feet. Get on your knees and keep your eyes on mine.” I followed my Captain’s orders. As I kissed his feet, his manscent was intoxicating. My cock throbbed and leaked more precum as I soaked in his scent and touched my lips to his feet.

“Atta boy, now stand up, and undress for me, slowly.” I did as my Captain ordered. As I undressed for him, he slowly stroked his cock, maintaining his stiff erection. He ran his palm against his tongue then returned to massaging his dick. As I began to pull down my BDU pants, the Captain noticed my BIKE jockstrap as it became visible. He immediately responded, “Fuck, boy! You wear a jockstrap under those?! That’s fuckin’ hot! Keep your jock on. I want you to lick my balls and shaft with your jock on.” I did as my Captain ordered.
When my wet tongue met my Captain’s ballsack, he let out a loud moan of approval. As my tongue lapped at his balls, he slapped his rigid manhood against my face. “Good boy!” My Captain grabbed the back of my head and buried my face in his crotch. Each breath I took in, filled and overwhelmed my senses with his manscent. My cock twitched at just having the honor of smelling my Captain’s naked crotch.

When my Captain was finished burying my face, I ran my tongue up the full length of his massive shaft. His excitement left a tasty trail of salty precum leading up to his swollen cockhead. I sucked on the tip of his cock for what felt like hours, lapping my tongue at the seemingly unending supply of my Captain’s precum. Slowly I began to take more and more of his big dick inside my mouth. As I looked up at my Captain, holding his cock in my mouth, he looked right back at me with that same handsome grin.
“Take it all” he commanded as he grabbed the back of my head, encouraging me with gentle, yet firm force from his calloused hands. Feeling his rigid shaft slide against my tongue and his thick swollen head expand my throat aroused me to near climax. His moans grew deeper and louder as I slid his dick out of my mouth to the tip of his head then back down balls deep, my nose buried in his pubes, my chin pressed against his ballsack. The next time I pulled off his dick, he held my head, ordered me to open my mouth, leaned forward, then launched a wad of spit into my mouth. I used my Captain’s spit he provided, combined with my own spit to lube his cock as I deepthroated him for the next several minutes. Soon my Captain was on the edge of cumming, his heart rate pacing and his breathing labored. He could no longer hold back, and began shouting “Fuck! I’m gonna shoot!” He blasted shot after shot of hot ropes of cum deep inside my throat. My Captain held the back of my head in place until his rigid cock became flaccid. His energy spent, he let go of my head and laid back on his bed. As he drifted off to sleep I left the paperwork he requested by his bedside and quietly closed the door behind me.