I checked into my room at the resort, and looked around, pretty certain I was the only single dude here. 

My boyfriend and I had booked a room for a long bear/chub event weekend, figuring it would be fun. But we broke up last month. 

It wasn’t the fact that he was fucking around, see. We were open. But I had a very short no-fly list for him. No fucking close friends. No fucking any of my relatives, or anyone I work with. And he smashed those boundaries. What an asshole. 

So here I was, single old fat dude about to turn 40, wandering around a resort filled with young couples and parties full of dudes swinging and fucking around. Why did I do this again? Ugh. Fuck my life. 

Fuck it, I thought. I’m at a resort. I’ll have fun on my own. 

I decided to head out for a walk. The villas were all along the beach, and I watched the waves as I walked along the water. 

I kept walking, up the hill to the second set of villas on the drive above. As I got to the crest of the hill, panting and catching my breath. I noticed a guy sitting on his front patio. 

He was a bearded dude, a chaser. His body looked amazing. The sun was hitting the outer edge of his body, but I could see his cock, a meaty thickness resting between his legs.

“Good afternoon,” I said, walking by with a wave. I didn’t hear a reply, and figured that a dude that fine had someone inside. 

I decided to do a second lap before the sunset, and I was jazzed when I took the hill that time without getting out of breath,

“Not such an old man after all,” I muttered to myself.

“Some of us like old men, you know,” a deep voice called out. It was the bearded dude. 

“You can come over this way,” he said. “I don’t bite.” 

I got closer. This dude was so fucking sexy it hurt. And that resting cock? It was wide awake now. 

“See what you made me do, fatboy?” the bearded dude said with a chuckle. 

I reached down to grab his thickness. “Nice to meet you, man,” I said. I peeled off my sweaty shorts and pulled up the deck chair next to his. 

“You wanna go inside and play around?” he asked. 

“Nah,” I smirked. “I wanna stay out here and play around.” 

His dick jumped, as his hands started to grab hold of the outer edges of my belly. “Fuck, yeah.” 

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