You wanted to tell yourself that it all started out innocently enough and that it was a one-time only thing that would never happen again.  But, you knew that wasn’t true.  The turn things had taken earlier this afternoon had started a fire within you…one that would probably eventually consume and destroy your marriage.

It was a completely ordinary Saturday toward the end of August.  Jeff was over, doing some repair work on the garbage disposal and you were stationed at the kitchen table, doing your best not to make it obvious that you were leering at him, practically salivating over that perfect ass of his encased in his jeans.  Jeff lived somewhere in the neighborhood and ran his own personal construction business.  He had a reputation among your neighbors for doing great work on small construction jobs and other “Harry Homeowner,” do-it-yourself jobs that those who weren’t mechanically inclined couldn’t do on their own.

Jeff had another reputation, too.  Maybe it was because you worked from home that some of the bored housewives in the neighborhood thought of you as “one of the girls.”  But, they all thought it was necessary to share all of their gossip with you.  In fact, that’s how you’d first heard that Jeff had a knack for giving some of the women he did work for what they weren’t getting from their husbands.  It would never happen.  But, as you stared at Jeff’s denim-covered ass, you couldn’t help but imagine it vibrating as he pumped in and out of your ass.

It was at that moment that you heard the sound of a throat clearing and turned to see Trent standing in the doorway, giving you a knowing look.  Your husband of three years knew you were hot for Jeff and he always took any chance he had to bust your chops about it.  “Hey…  I’m getting ready to leave,” he said to you, careful not to let on to Jeff that he’d caught you staring at him and blow your cover.

“Oh, okay…”  You got up from the table.  Trent worked for a security firm and had been called in to work for some sort of emergency.

“How’s the job coming along, Jeff?”  Trent asked, raising his voice so Jeff could hear him under the sink.

“It’s comin’ along, bud,” Jeff answered him, not even bothering to pull his head out from the cabinet.  “In fact, I’m almost done.  Your disposal is almost good as new!”

“Great.  Really appreciate you stopping by on a Saturday to fix it.”

“No problem, man.  It’s what I do.”  Jeff answered.

Trent turned to me.  “You wanna walk me out?”

“Sure,” we headed into the foyer.  Trent turned and wrapped his arms around my waist, smirking at me.  “Be good this afternoon, babe…”

I grinned.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He gave me that same knowing look from earlier in the kitchen and whispered.  “I know how you feel about him.”

“Hall pass?!”  I put a mockingly earnest expression on my face so that Trent would think I was teasing him.  The truth is, if Jeff said the word, I’d be naked for him in a heartbeat.

Trent just rolled his eyes, sighed as if he was long-suffering and put-upon…and then leaned in to give me a peck on the lips.  “Remember I’ll be late tonight.  I’ll pick up dinner on my way home.”

“Okay.  That’ll be great.  See you later, hon.”  I reached out to lovingly touch his shoulder before he stepped out onto the porch.

And with that, my husband, the supposed love of my life was out the door.

Before I could turn around, I heard Jeff’s throat clearing behind me and his deep voice.  “You let your man get away with kissing you like that?  Who is he…your sister?”

I turned to see Jeff leaning against the doorway from the hall into the kitchen and I know I had to have been blushing.  “Oh.  Sorry, Jeff.  I didn’t realize you were there.  Is there something you need?”  After I said that, my inner monologue repeated rapidly, “please say my ass….please say my ass…please say my ass!!”

“Nah…  I just finished up with the disposal and I wanted to check and see if there’s any other work you need me to do before I gather up my tools and head out.”

Again, I knew I didn’t have a shot with him.  But, I wasn’t about to let this blue collar stud out the door so quickly.  “Don’t rush off, Jeff.  You wanna head out back and sit by the pool?”

He grinned at me.  “You wanna pay my hourly rate to shoot the breeze with me, then sure.  Let’s go!”

I let him lead the way back to the kitchen, through to the living room, and out the double doors onto the patio.  The pool had already been drained for the fall.  But, it was still nice and warm out for us to have a chat…and whatever else might happen.

We both settled into chairs and, before I could even think of something to talk to him about, he spoke.  “So…  You gonna answer my question from earlier?”

“Your question?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Neil,” he chuckled.  “Your memory isn’t THAT bad.”

“It’s probably not appropriate for me to talk about my relationship with Trent with you.”

Not wiping the grin off of his face, Jeff pressed on.  “Why not?  I saw the two of you kiss.  It’s a fair question.”  When I cocked my eye at him, indicating I was skeptical that this was just a casual conversation, he took a different tack to try and get me to spill my guts.  “Listen, Neil…  I like the both of you, but I’ve always thought of you and I as buddies.  I promise I’m not asking this to make fun of you or cause you grief.  It’s just one buddy asking another buddy a simple question.  That’s all.”

I had to laugh.  He was laying it on pretty thickly.  SO thickly that he almost sounded sincere.  “Trent and I love each other.”  I let down the wall just a little bit.

“Yeah, like a grandmother giving her five year old grandkid a good night kiss before bedtime!”  Jeff teased.  “Every time he kisses you, he should kiss you like…like…”

“Like you kiss all of the married women in the neighborhood that you screw around with behind their husbands’ backs while you’re supposed to be playing Mr. Fix It?”

If I embarrassed Jeff at all with my interjection, he didn’t show it…didn’t bat an eye.  “Nooooo…  I was gonna say he should kiss you like you make him so hot and horny that he can’t stand it and he has to show you just what you do to him or else he’ll explode.”

“Like I said, Trent and I love each other.”  I’d be lying if, as I said those words, I wasn’t imagining Jeff kissing me like he just said my husband should be.

After a brief yet awkward moment of silence, Jeff asked out of the blue, “What do you know about what I do with some of the women in the neighborhood, anyway?”

“Only what I hear from around…”

Jeff chuckled again.  “That’s the problem with women.  They can’t keep secrets.  Always gotta gossip with someone else about everything.”

I stood up and gestured toward the house.  “I think I’m gonna head in and grab something to drink.  You want me to bring you something?”

I saw a gleam in Jeff’s eye as he looked up at me.  His mouth curled into a smirk and he stood up to meet me.  “Sure.  First, I wanna show you something, though.”

Curious, I asked, “Uh, what is it that you want to show me?”

Before I knew it, Jeff stepped right up to my face, wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me into a kiss.  This was not the type of kiss that Trent, the man I was supposed to be spending the rest of my life with, had given me about twenty minutes earlier.  I was so stunned that it was even happening, that I couldn’t make my lips move right away.  But, as the kiss lingered, I began kissing him back.  It wasn’t long before I felt Jeff’s tongue pressing against my lips, practically demanding me to open my mouth and let him in.  Eventually, our tongues were slashing against each other.  In fact, I was so into the kiss, I hadn’t even noticed that Jeff was kneading my ass with both hands.

Trent and I used to kiss more passionately than the way he’d said goodbye to me earlier.  But we’d never kissed each other the way Jeff was kissing me.  Jeff was kissing me like a man.  And, I wanted more!

As if someone somewhere decided I shouldn’t be happy about kissing a man other than the one I was married to, Jeff broke our kiss.  Backing away from me, he smiled at me while I tried to catch my breath.  “THAT’S how a guy’s supposed to kiss his husband before he leaves for work.”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “Now I know why Sharon Fillmore, Gloria Montez, Tammy Fusco, and all of the others keep coming back for more.”

I’m sure, trying to be humble but not doing a very good job of it, Jeff grinned.  “I keep ‘em satisfied.”  He glanced downward and then gestured at my bulging crotch.  “And judging by that, I’ve got another satisfied customer here.”

I blushed…  “Jeff, I…”  I couldn’t make the rest of whatever it is I wanted to say escape my throat.

“It’s okay, Neil.  Don’t be embarrassed.  I liked it to, in case you couldn’t tell.”  To emphasize his point, he reached down and palmed the full crotch of his jeans.  “Why don’t you go get us that drink you promised earlier?”  he asked, abruptly changing the subject.  “so that we can…” he cleared his throat intentionally, “talk…some more.”

“Yeah, sure,” I croaked out like a subservient housewife taking drink orders from her husband.  “I’ll be right back.”

As I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers out of the refrigerator, I knew what had just happened, what was happening now, and what I’d probably be more than willing to let happen if I got even the slightest idea that Jeff would be into it was wrong.  For a brief moment, I thought about putting the beers back in the fridge, sticking my head back outside, and telling Jeff that it would be a good idea if he grabbed his tools and left.  For a brief moment…

By the time i stepped back out onto the patio, beers in hand, ready for wherever that passionate kiss that had just happened might take us next, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise.  My semi-hard dick immediately went to full hardness.  Sitting in the same chair he’d been in before he kissed me, his pants in a lump nearby and his plaid, button-down shirt folded over one of his man-spreaded legs, completely naked, was Jeff.  Not only was he completely naked, he was rock hard.  I’d fantasized about the man from time to time.  But he completely exceeded my expectations…and not just in the dick department.  His hairy chest and pubic hair made him look even hotter than I’d imagined.  This was a MAN!

“I hope you don’t mind,” Jeff said as he squinted in the sunlight.  “I decided to get more comfortable.”

“Not at all,” I replied as I set our beers down on the table and continued to take in the manly sight in front of me.  “I’m just glad to know that we’re on the same page here.”

“Oh, we are, are we?”  he asked, grinning at me.

“Absolutely,” I said as I sank to my knees.  “Here.  Let me show you what I mean.”

As I leaned forward, ready to lavish attention on that huge dick and balls that seemed impossibly full for a man who had a reputation for having sex almost constantly, I still knew all of this was so wrong.  But, I also couldn’t wait until the next time I got invited over for coffee with “the girls.”  Now, I’d be able to do more than just receive gossip.  I’d be able to actively participate.  In fact, I was pretty sure I was going to do my best to convince Trent that Jeff needed to stop by at least once a week to do several odd jobs around the house.  A dick like this could keep me more satisfied than I had any business being.

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