Jay slipped out of the lodge just before sunlight started peeking over the sand dunes to the southeast.  His wife and children slept soundly, relishing one more day of vacation before heading back to home and the start of school.  Jay always felt badly about the kids having to go to school; it didn’t seem natural, sending your own offspring to someone else for education.  But there were a lot of things Jay didn’t understand.

He padded down to the beach and saw that Kurt had not arrived yet.  For the next ten minutes, he pretended to be interested into the Great Lake water, letting it lap up around his trunks and splashing some up on his pecs to wake himself up.  Finally, just as the sun’s rays pierced the gloomy blueness of early morning, he saw Kurt scampering quickly down the wooden steps.

They didn’t speak as Kurt neared, and both of them continually scanned the beach for early morning joggers.  It was still just a little early for them. 

“Hey!”  Kurt was panting slightly as he trotted up to Jay.  He paused and leaned on his knees.  “I came as fast as I could.”

“It’s all good.  No one’s around yet.”  Jay scanned the beach one more time before turning his eyes to the beautiful man before him.  They’d met at this same resort a year ago, when Kurt had caught Jay watching him at the very first supper of the week, their eyes meeting over the bobbing heads of their children and the din of chatting wives and grandparents.  Jay had looked quickly away, only to feel a tap on his shoulder two hours later at the campfire.  He could still remember Kurt’s first words:  “Hey.  Hard for dads to get alone time, isn’t it?”

Yes, it was difficult to find alone time, but they managed that first summer.  Jay distinctly remembered kneeling in the woods just off the path to the baseball diamond and sucking Kurt’s cock, hidden by the summer greenery as families hurried past them to make the game.  Jay had missed seeing his own son hit a double and had explained his absence by saying he was pooping.  Later that week, after they had sucked each other and started making out, they started sneaking out to this same beach, before sunrise, and fucking each other behind the dunes.  Another camper had discovered them once, an older man from Chicago, but he’d simply muttered “Excuse me” and moved on, to their relief.

How could they not stay in touch after all that?  For a full year they texted and called each other, even chatting each other up and beating off in their cars before heading home for the night, planning this week for months and managing to schedule their families’ vacations at the same time.  They’d taken more liberties and risks this week, fucking up to three times a day, stripping bare behind the dunes or in the woods and pushing each other up against trees, swapping blowjobs as they texted their families and promised to “be there in just a minute,” winking across the dining room, and once Jay even followed Kurt to the bathroom and straddled him in the stall, trying to keep his ankles and calves pulled up to his haunches until his friend had had his fill.  There was no doubt that some of the other adults had started wondering about them, but they didn’t care.  If they knew human nature at all, they knew that no one would say anything to their wives.  Who wanted trouble on vacation?

“So this is it, bud, for another year.” Jay forced a brave smile.  The one difficult thing in all this was actually falling in love.  It had just been friendly fucking, that would have been one thing, but this was starting to feel different.  “We’re heading out right after breakfast.  You?”

Kurt straightened up from catching his breath.  “Yeah, us too.”  He looked up and down the beach.  “Ready for one last go?”

Jay hesitated.  “Not really.”

Kurt looked at him sharply, surprised.  A project manager for an engineering firm in Detroit, he was always the more practical and goal-oriented of the two.  “What?”

Jay looked at the sun.  “I’m just–”  He shrugged, unsure how to finish.

Kurt studied his friend’s face for a long moment and then smiled.  “Aw, buddy.”

Jay snickered and shrugged again.  Kurt smiled and huffed a breathy laugh.

“I mean, we got so much to be happy about, yeah?  We got great wives, kids, jobs.”

Jay nodded.  “I know.”  The sun’s rays were turning the beach golden now, and they knew that their time was short.  “I’m just going to miss … this.”  He took a deep breath and grinned again.  “So…wanna race me over there and fuck my–”


“What?  Ha, ha!  What are you–?”  But before Jay could finish his question, Kurt had him in his arms, hugging his neck and pressing his lips deep onto Jay’s.  It wasn’t a hurried kiss, as they so often were, but slow and generous, Kurt’s tongue twisting itself with Jay’s and massaging his cheeks.  Jay groaned and slipped his arms around Kurt’s waist, and there they stood, it must have been a full minute, making out in broad daylight.  Oddly, neither of them cared.

Finally, Kurt broke away and spanked Jay’s hip.  “C’mon. I gotta plant seed in that Ohio pussy at least one more time.”  He laughed, turned on his heels, and began running towards the dunes.

Jay grinned and ran after him. He’d always run after him, he figured, to sunset as well as sunrise.

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